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No One Should Face Caner ALone

Triunfadoras is a beacon of strength for Hispanic women battling cancer. We are the longest ongoing cancer support group for Hispanic women by Hispanic women, offering peer-to-peer support and empowerment. Our diverse group of women, at various stages of treatment or recovery, ensures that no one faces cancer alone.

We understand the unique challenges Hispanic women face, such as language barriers, cultural sensitivities, and financial burdens. Triunfadoras is more than a support group; we’re advocates dedicated to addressing these needs with compassion and dedication.

Starting with just eight women, Triunfadoras has grown to over 600 members, showcasing the resilience and solidarity of our community.


Monthly Meetings

We host monthly meetings for our Triunfadoras supported by donations from individuals like you! These include peer support, workshops, education, activities, and mental health support.

Peer-to-peer support

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