For almost two decades Alliance Community Services has been Utah's leader in providing resources to the Latino community

Our story


ACS offers resources and services to break down barriers that many Latinx & Hispanic communities face. Our team members are professionals from diverse multi-ethnic backgrounds with vast experience in facilitating and delivering health and human services, collaborating in research, and education.

Alliance Community Services Volunteers

Alliance Community Services (ACS) is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization that provides community services and promotes cultural awareness, advocacy and communication about issues that affect the underserved communities. Founded in 2002, Alliance Community Services is a leader in reaching the Hispanic community.

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What We do.


- We provide educational resources in person and virtually in a culturally appropriate matter.
-Educate Latino community with available resources.


We partner and collaborate with, faith , community, state, and federal organizations as a liaison of information in Spanish.


Our team is does in person and digital forms of reaching the Latino community.

Examples, Spanish media, social media, Health Fairs, Public Libraries, clinics and consulates.

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