Alliance Community Services (ACS) is a nationally recognized organization specializing in helping the Latinx & Hispanic community in Salt Lake City, Utah. ACS offers resources and services that tackle some of the day-to-day barriers that many Latinx & Hispanic communities face. Our staff members are professionals from diverse multi-ethnic backgrounds with vast experience in facilitating and delivering health and human services, collaborating in strategic research & planning, education, and promoting grassroots involvement. This blend of skills and cultural backgrounds makes ACS unique in providing services in a culturally sensitive manner and maintaining our commitment to serve the community. 

The issues that we help solve within the Salt Lake Latinx & Hispanic community include, immigration , Navigating the health care system, insurance enrollment, mental health , and COVID-19.

Alliance Community Services (ACS) is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization that provides community services and promotes cultural awareness, advocacy and communication about issues that affect the underserved communities. Founded in 2002, Alliance Community Services is a leader in reaching the Hispanic community.

ACS Strategies include:

  • Delivering information linguistically appropriate to Hispanics
  • Providing educational seminars
  • Partnering with Hispanic organizations
  • Promoting monthly newsletters and announcements
  • Participating in Hispanic civic events and health fairs
  • Working in communities, churches, schools and after-school programs
  • Collaborating Hispanic media, (social media, TV, newspaper, magazines, and radio)