Empowering Communities Together

Meet Our Team

At Alliance Community Services, we believe in the power of collaboration to create positive change. Our dedicated team is at the heart of our mission to uplift and strengthen communities. With a shared commitment to making a difference, our team works tirelessly to provide essential resources, support, and guidance to those who need it most. Get to know the faces behind our community-driven initiatives and discover how we’re making a lasting impact in your neighborhood. Together, we’re building a brighter future for all.

Jorge Arce - Larreta

President & CEO:

Sara Carbajal Salisbury

Giovanna Palacios Spiess

Legal Director

Gabriela Portugal-Bouza

Diximar Bolli

Pamela Silva Santisteban

Daniel Romero

Yeimi Chavez

Graciela Stephens

Meisei Gonzalez

Marco Muñoz

Daisy Paredes

Margarita Munoz

Pilar Gutierrez

Sonia Lagunes

Esmeralda Flores

Carmen Rodriguez

Luis Sanchez


Our associates continue to collaborate in the implementation of our programs 

  • Ana Jane Arroyo, Consultant
  • Ken Embley, University of Utah Center for public Policy
  • Gabriela Cetrola, LCSW
  • Maritza S. Arce-Larreta, APRN-BCS,MS,RN
  • Alicia Narvaez Harner, PhD
  • Rita Ballesteros,RN,MS,RD
  • Laverne Snow,MPA
  • Marlene Gonzalez, BS,JD
  • Martha Mandujano, BA,PA
  • Karla Arroyo, CSW
  • Renato Salts, MD
  • Sherrie Vaughn,SLVHD
  • Susan Beck,PhD