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Ventanilla de Salud

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  • The Ventanilla De Salud program connects the Hispanic community with various health services through partnering organizations and donations. It offers free basic health screenings on blood sugar, blood pressure, fatty liver disease, body mass index, and blood oxygen levels.
  • The Mexican Secretary of Health organizes the Ventanilla De Salud throughout all 50 states. In Utah, Alliance Community Services serves as the operating organization for this program, which is located in the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ventanilla de Salud

Resources & Services

Basic Health Screenings

Comprehensive assessments for blood sugar, blood pressure, fatty liver disease, BMI, and blood oxygen levels.

Preventive Care

Facilitating access to mammograms, contraception, vision exams, and vaccines for HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), Chicken Pox (Varicella), Monkey Pox, COVID-19 and Influenza.

Mental Health Support

Resources and referrals for mental well-being.

Navigation Assistance & Medicaid Enrollment

Guiding individuals to free or low-cost healthcare services and Assistance with enrollment for essential healthcare coverage.

Health Workshops and Presentations

Informative sessions covering diverse health and wellness topics.


Language support ensures accessibility for all community members.

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Ventanilla de Salud Partners

Email us if you are interested in learning how you can sponsor or partner to provide your resources at the Ventanilla de Salud

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