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Our Impact

Our Impact

Utah's leader in providing health and legal resources and services to the Hispanic Community.

Alliance Community Services stands at the forefront of Hispanic advocacy in Utah, facilitating vital connections to health and legal resources for the Hispanic population. As the leading Hispanic organization in the state, we have made significant strides in fostering a stronger, healthier community.

Through strategic partnerships with a diverse array of organizations, nonprofits, and health institutions, we have expanded access to essential services and support networks. By leveraging these collaborations, we ensure that our community receives the comprehensive care and assistance they deserve.

Our latest annual report showcases the tangible impact of our work, highlighting the positive outcomes and transformative changes experienced by individuals and families across Utah. From improved healthcare access to enhanced legal support, Alliance Community Services remains dedicated to uplifting and empowering the Hispanic community.

Our impact

2023 annual report

2020 Annual Report