Healthcare Assistance Programs

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Assistance With CHIP and Medicaid

What is Medicaid?​

Medicaid  is a state/federal program that pays for medical services for low-income pregnant women, children, individuals who are elderly or have a disability, parents and women with breast or cervical cancer. To qualify, these individuals must meet income and other eligibility requirements.

What is CHIP?

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a state health insurance plan for children who do not have other insurance. It provides well-child exams, immunizations, doctor visits, hospital, emergency care, prescriptions, hearing and eye exams, mental health services and dental care. Preventative services (well-child visits, immunizations, and dental cleanings) do not require a co-pay.

We can help you with the application and the enrollment process over the phone, or in-person. This service is FREE!

To Enroll in Medicaid or CHIP You'll Need:

  • Names, dates of birth, and Social Security Numbers for all those applying
  • Pay stubs from the last 3 months for anyone working in your household
  • Information about health insurance offered through your job

There are also especial cases and exceptions so please contact our Health Access Assisters to discuss about your unique situation.

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