Alliance Community Services
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Our dedicated staff and management have cultural understanding and personal commitment of the specific challenges of our community and are able to effectively translate their professional competence into leadership, vitality, unity, service, respect, and compassion to clients and better serve a growing, healthy and diverse community.   

o Jorge J. Arce-Larreta, BA, MS, MBA President/CEO
(801) 265-1111

Sara Carbajal Salisbury, BS, Director, Health Programs
(801) 597-1159

o Esmeralda Muñoz, Executive Assistant
(801) 265-1111

Susana Alba, BS, Patient Navigator
(801) 706-2528

Margarita Muñoz, BS, Patient Navigator
(801) 718-0674 

Giovanna Palacios, BA, Legal Coordinator
(801) 520-9198 

Angela Castaño, BS, MS, Patient Navigator and Workplace Safety Education Specialist, Affordable Care Act Certified Navigator
(801) 652-3282

Pascoalina Dunham, Health Education Specialist
(801) 483-1820

Brandy Slagowski Hawkins, Program Specialist
(801) 641-2939

Natalie Gutierrez, BS, MS
(801) 674-1814 

o Jeannette Villalta, Patient Navigator

(1-801) 888-8327 

o Claudia Gonzalez, Patient Navigator

(801) 688-1009

o Joana, Paralegal

(801) 430-8184

o Silvia Araoz, Paralegal

(801) 702-7974

o Sariah Suarez Crowton, Certified Enrolment Specialist

(801) 941-1966 (801) 479-8852 Sariah@alliance-community,org